Bending The Rules

In contrast with rules my life is built upon, I embark on a journey closing me to human instinct, However the experience proved my rules correct and here I am leaving for a future distinct .


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Our book writings categorized as poems enlighten the pass of a journey in which the author  ” Elias Aad ” decides to experience a new approach to nowadays social life.

Sure and certain of his everyday rules he used to live by, he finds it hard to accept this new definition of friendships, relationships and connections.

From the very first shoutout to every human being on this planet, to the most frustrating, honest and transparent positions he put himself into, and even when he decided to finally let his feelings escape, these poems build the perfect platform for a virtual presentation of the reality Elias lived .

Last but not least, the blend of science, literature and poetry clearly reflects the engineering background our author has . Being an engineer and fueled by his ambition Elias decides to pursue his studies abroad, therefore ending his book with goodbye lines to his closest friends and family .

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Cosmic Gate

Vast as the universe, quiet like space
An image when I see you reflect my face
Seeking adaptation to the pressure you hold
like replacing silver with tons of gold

That attraction you have simply staggers
Sufficient to make surrender a black hole
You cut through everything using daggers
With that freezing touch of the south pole

Hypnotized like planets orbiting the sun
Governing with powers in the milky way
My eyes are stunned, have no way to run
Dreaming in their sight you’d wish to stay

Your journey reveals hard ways to embark
It’s crazy if you think of it with fear
I’ll keep it cool, be like “Tony Stark”
Fly in a missile everyone can hear

Don’t try to fight me, I’m not afraid
I’m aware that ahead reigns the unknown
I’ll have no army, nor hold a parade
I just wanna reveal what wasn’t shown

Behind all this mystery you hold so dear
Hiding from reality and everything near
I really want to win this race to your core
Maybe there lies a piece of me you store

If this is true my journey will end here
I’ll make the world truly disappear
Cause the only thing making me human
Is your simple existence my lovely dear

Bending The Rules

Gravity surrenders against your attraction
Just the moment before your intervention
Atoms lose their electrons potential
That effect you have is really exponential

Electric currents collide in the wall
Chaos dominates, it’s like in a mall
A magical charm is behind your secret
It’s something precious, uncatchable at all

Fluids consolidates, they turn into stone
Air loses weight, holds oxygen alone
Brightness has problems finding its light
Chocolate melts like snow losing delight

Sound breaks the barrier of its wave
It’s like getting back centuries into a cave
I don’t have the need any more to shave
My hair is falling, I don’t know how to behave

And that’s not all

Magnets are caught and lose their field
Nothing is spared, you destroy every shield
The Earth only true existence I ever knew
Is shattered within millimeters from you

And yet I ask myself how can you get me
Choosing to ignore what surrounds me
Your power of bending my rules surprises me
I can’t believe these letters come from me

Yes, I have a feeling that I need to see you
But you left me in the dark, to find a clue
Something leading me to your power switch
Turning you off, letting me have you

The Story

I fear the day I leave this place
I’ll miss the smile on your face
Future is calling but you’re still here
Just trust me, there’s nothing to fear

Millions miles away from you
Please Wait for me, I know what to do
Dreams will become reality if you wait
I’m working hard and will not be late

My focus always produces perfection
Don’t distract me with words of affection
Try to imagine this focus aimed at you
You’ll be the jewel shining of attention

I think a jewel can never lose its value
Unless its lost and nowhere to find
I dream of a day when I could join you
Hand in hand living the dreams inside

Inside our heads, mind and soul
Nothing interrupting us at all
Joy and peace in every feel
Securing a bond made of steel

This story remains some letters written
If I can’t find you, wherever you are hidden
My heart needs stimuli to beat
Its either you or no one I’d meet

We Lack The I

Artificial intelligence is on the rise
Its time for us to think and act wise
Try to predict this step into the unknown
Preventing human kind from being blown

” The thing is “

I am not afraid of the AI
But from who’s gonna use it
It’s something I dream of I’m not gonna lie
But we have to be careful not to lose it

I can’t differentiate a human not artificial
However I find it hard to detect intelligence
This tendency to simply be superficial
Destroys our chances and competence

” What I have to say “

It’s our consciousness which defines our kind
Lets not forgot that its human
Even if something better than our mind
Surpasses us for just being inhuman

A Parallel Existence

Electric pulses sustain our human existence
It’s crucial for the mind and heart to stay in persistence
However our nature dictates we should lose this stability
When we decide to have a bond merged with humanity

A person’s chemistry forms a list of unknown
Every situation hold characteristics of its own
Once a reaction take place, there’s no coming back
Shadowing it would possible with a powerful rollback

Here’s from where comes our desire to control time
Opening and closing doors imitating the divine
Eliminating the need to worry about a future
Cause modifying the past will have its effect by nature

“Having all this”

Will our life maintain its meaning ?
I wonder what everyone would be feeling
Is it not the end of the need to survive ?
Since everything is controlled like the Vatican archive

I know you don’t share opinion with me
Just think about it, let your mind get free
I’ll enjoy being human as long as there will be
Something new to discover and truths I can’t see


It’s Complicated

The dark matter is yet to be explained
And here we are still being hopeless
Society and life aren’t being maintained
Because we consider everything topless

There is life beyond our screens
Beyond the beauty of our pixels
Go on wake up maybe this means
A new beginning spread with jingles

Space is vast and we’re part of it
Don’t you feel the need to discover?
1% may be enough so try to use it
Your mind is not some shit to cover

You may try to live with it
This state of loss and unawareness
You’re wrong and you may be hit
Hit Hard where you were harmless

I hope someday you take it hard
You wake up from this despair
Maybe you’ll take everything with lard
Because you re obviously going nowhere


Sometimes struggle is the way it is
To free our soul wherever it is
A struggle which we could have prevented
If someone cared to what was intended

The day we choose, is the day we feel
Our path was wrong so we look to heal
Heal every drop of hate left behind
Exposing the truth and freeing the mind

Ohhh, Robots can always choose right
But Humans know only to fight
Robots may be made of steel
But after all they have a way to feel

Feeling may be a beat inside
A bumpy story with a long ride
Ohhhh, A heart may skip a beat
But the mind is never off his feet

The Ultimate Experience

I may have believed in everything
but not in love
I’ve changed every something
From the heart to the mind above

Change is not how you see it
Change is not easy
The one thing that made me change it
That feeling I considered cheesy

You only saw what you wanted to see
So Our bond was never meant to be
Leaving me is what you intended to do
Like I was a person you’ve dated once or two

You’re happy to have your life back
A life without me
You just kicked me in the back
Ignoring what you did to me

I’ve done the impossible for you
Yet you managed to throw it away
I sought an adventure along with you
But I was only your date of the day

It was never selfish
It was never a mistake
I saw you as my goldfish
Some feelings I could shake

It’s over it’s a hit I will take
Please think of what you make
Of Our love and it’s break
To be a friendship as precious as your soul mate

I’m sleepy I don’t know what to do
OH but some words would do it
I’ll always love you that should do
What you managed to get from it

Good night I’ve had a long day
Sleep tight my lovely angel
A future will give us a day
When we found our true nature

You Are My Nightmare

I’m so confused and out of patience
You’re making me ignore the difference
I need to learn the way to respond
To your approach from our pond

I question myself every time you re near
My voice crashes the barriers of fear
It’s like being lost and asking for help
In a distant place where no one can hear

I want to leave, I shall find a train
To take me away and cause no pain
I crave the way it was months ago
When I could detach and just let go

I urge you, please help me understand
What do you want, so I give you a hand
I’m no expert on how to deal with feeling
I may be harsh, and answer with leaving

I need to know so don’t force me to be
The person you knew, who refuses to see
what’s beyond his mind and reason
Cause everything else doesn’t matter to me

You are my nightmare, I can’t believe it
I’m afraid for you if I just try to leave it
So take a decision, and let me discover
The solution imposed yet to be uncover

To Sum It All

I could have felt wrong that day
And I want to apologize if I may
The hate and shame keep them away
So we enjoy ourselves and feel okay

Words and letters express what’s inside
Inside the heart and on top of the mind
Something special is definitely behind
Our friendship if that love is put aside

I’m glad you’re back again on track
A happy soul and your smile is back
here wondering how you managed to hack
My shield and armor of different stack

This shield would be better next time
As solid as the one of Optimus Prime
I’ll make sure nothing break it through
Maybe a challenge to the world and to you

A Gift

That day when I needed some cheers
To help me forget about all the fears
Someone knocked my mind and heart
So I wished seeing you and a fresh start

I’ve always been known for the craziness
But seeing you was beyond my happiness
It felt like you were there sent as a gift
A gift I really wanted to complete my shift

You were truly there in front of my eyes
Shining more than stars in the skies
A redhead maybe my point of weakness
But something else showed your sweetness

It’s been a while since I felt that way
I went through a lot before that day
I’ve never been That hesitant before
So I’ll try my best to see you some more

I’m not a person with eager to feel
I was for a long time made of steel
Oh Maybe I’m trying hard to heel
An angel like you could just fix my wheel


Heartbeats fueling the warmth inside
You were there I had nowhere to hide
Its different for me it’s a new approach
I miss the times when I was its coach

I doubt you know the meaning of this
You’re a lovely girl everyone would miss
Maybe I did well since I like perfection
Impressed you in a way using reflection

A Reflection of your smile and tenderness
And that ego shining With all cuteness
You’re confident you know who you are
It’s something always characterizing a star

Honestly I’d like to know what you see
Beyond my eyes and Complex head
Positive or negative it may be
It’ll always remain something you said

This has nothing to do with what I wrote
I’d love to see you one day in shorts
Fifteen girls it is a crazy night in
Enjoy it since tomorrow is a good day to begin

Your eyes

The depth of your eyes reflect an image
Hands of an artist Drawing a tillage
A mesmerizing view catching attention
My nerves sparkling of deep perception

Electric currents collide in my mind
A crazy storm leaving everything behind
Its like diving into a cave with no exit
Suffocating inside with no way to fix it

Drowning there you give me that smile
You cut the power from over a mile
I snap out and that stress fill me up
My veins burn, my heart could blow up

Cute, lovely, adorable I don’t know what to say
I wish to express all of them someday
With one word that I whisper in your ear
Cause no one but you deserve to hear

Your Crack

There in the sky like light and thunder
Heart and mind just refuse to sunder
Its crazy the spell you have me under
Magic or reality, still I always wonder

I still can’t tell the meaning of this
A secret in your eyes I can’t decrypt
I fear the moment you choose to dismiss
Leaving me here, victim of your script

I like mind games, it gives me a challenge
As long as you give the time to manage
A bright efficient way to crack you up
Giving me a push or urging me to stop

I feel that you need something special
To take your attention and catch a win
But Cracking it would be super special
Cause I’ll discover from where to begin

Let me be that guy you always mention
Who’s not afraid of stress nor tension
beating every challenge you send his way
Next to you no matter what I’ll always stay

The Queen’s Smile

The sun shines there in the skies
Spreading energy from million miles
But here you are shining on earth
Come on cheer up there’s nothing worth

Worth enough to change your mood
Disturb happiness or change it to wood
Your smile is a beauty, keep it this way
It’s place is on your face so let it stay

If you just do that you’ll simply forget
What makes you sad and takes you down
You will have nothing ever to regret
Being the happiest queen with the crown

But you can’t poison and kill anybody
I just won’t let you even think about it
The worst thing for you is having nobody
You clearly said you can’t live without it

Without your family and someone close
Where you can hide, avoid being exposed
To the mighty sun, I can feel her jealous
A new queen is rising, and she’s fabulous

The Red Effect

I generate power with nerves in my head
Confident as I am, I always think ahead
Its been the same for days and years
Until your voice travelled through my ears

A frequency distorting everything inside
Destroying my balance, putting it aside
My thoughts struggle to find the way out
Its like war from which I can’t pull out

I find myself standing in front of you
Annoying as it is, I don’t know what to do
I try to avoid the innocence in your eye
But in that I fail and I don’t know why

Failing is not an option, I just feel anger
It’s like fighting a wave with an anchor
My strongest weapon was to impress
But with you its silenced, like no one else

I couldn’t show you the real me till now
I need my power again to figure out how
Maybe the solution lies in your hands
Its either you help me or kick me in sands

I thought my nightmare ended before
I was wrong, you just opened another door
It is a crazy situation, I have to improve
What’s wrong in me before another move

I really can’t tell how honest you may be
I’m not Adam, don’t let me eat from your tree
No one would ever treat you this way
Expressing himself since the first day

A Glimpse

I usually run, jump and dance in my place
Just to feel my heart beat
Yet when my eyes glimpse your face
I burn inside, I melt with heat

Agitated, energized reaching 70s mark
My impression fails to find a place to park
It could be your eyes sparkling in the light
Or that tone in your voice spreading delight

I simply can’t decide which one to choose
It feels like a game in which I have to lose
Cause it’s not easy when you are an angel
Spreading its wings like a mighty goose

It’s a phenomenal I can’t really explain
This influence of you targeting my brain
I still can’t believe these words appear
Knowing your response will hold a spear

A spear striking hard, penetrating deep
Surviving it again, a promise I can’t keep
Can’t you see I’m fighting all exposed ?
Still battling through a maze you imposed

“You know what”
I like that you are so hard to get
It makes me wonder of all the girls I met
But I think what I did so far is enough
“Come On”
Give me a break, just don’t be tough

Honestly it’s funny that the girl
making me question myself is you
My taste has always been
different, hard to find too

Its your ability to stress me up
And make me loose myself
That leaves me wondering nonstop
If you’re gonna ever reveal yourself

A Disruption

Time passes by, I fail to catch a wave
A wave hard enough reminding me of you
I regain the balance, my ability to behave
Like I have always been, knowing what to do

My heart beats fail to bump my chest
Feelings are well rested in their nest
I can’t feel a thing, I can’t blink an eye
Until the moment I glimpse you nearby

Suddenly everything simply falls apart
You take me again back to the start
Its a stressed up situation all over again
Locked in your eyes by a seducing chain

I look for the day I could be myself
Especially around you like everyone else
Maybe you’d like me not being artificial
My true existence far from superficial

Now, It’s been a while since I saw you
I feel normal, piling up my vertu
However curiosity fuel me inside
To discover a way securing me from you

Physics vs Math

I may be dreaming but I want it to last
It may be real and I don’t want it to blast
I wanna hang the feeling of being normal
Catch a reboot and drop being formal

The way it was before defines perfection
Ohh, It controlled the bugs of interaction
I will enjoy exploring these bugs with you
It’s what scientists are supposed to do

Not afraid, yet I’m exposed to infection
U already struck me hard with intention
Perfect, now I can process and analyze
While enjoying the beauty of your eyes

Yes I won’t ignore, nor reject what I like
Its time to be different and take a strike
I really want to curve from my direct path
Cause With you it’s like physics vs math

Everybody will say I’m losing my mind
Haha, well they’ve been saying it forever
They haven’t really explored what’s behind
A weird personality and being clever

The fact is that I don’t care what they say
I don’t expect them to understand anyway
I can’t explain the Red effect, not today
So if I failed to do it , how could they !! ??

Maybe writing will lead me to my answer
Helping me now like it did with my anger
It creates a weapon to express myself
Like a black hole in space consuming itself
Finally !!!!!!
I’m curious to know what happens to you
What do you feel, knowing this is for you
I’ve always wondered, still have no clue
If I make you feel special, the way you do

That Memory

Lying there in my bed tonight
I see you there when I turn off the light
It’s a memory lightning up my nerves
Deleting it will be the goodness it serves

I can’t deny that it makes me smile
Like hearing a melody, Kandy style
But keeping it would be utter stupidity
Cause its reality lacks proper reactivity

A force without reaction has no meaning
Like a car going straight with no steering
A crash causes damage, blow to the head
The memory flies away, the more it bled

I’ll take this leap and consider this a blow
Its clear now, you re helpless as the snow
Consuming time piling up your coat
But within seconds departing in a boat

“However as an exception”

This time I’ll let myself just keep your eyes
I love the way they bring up my smiles
Entrancing is the word I wanted to whisper before
It’s the only state I always wish to restore

From Over A Mile

I know you’re tired and feeling stressed

Nothing is annoying like being pressed
A challenge awaits you late in the day
Go ahead win it and its gonna be okay

I really hope that you’re getting better
Cause to pass the test you need to be clever
Nothing’s disturbing you, leaving your focus
Aiming correctly and better than ever

I don’t wanna distract you, I want to help
I don’t want you suffering or having a yelp
Those eyes of yours doesn’t need to cry
They already shine like stars in the sky

It’s just so weird, I don’t know why I care
I barely know you, maybe it’s your hair
Sending its beauty flying through the air
Creating a princess right where I stare

Well Good luck is the least I could hope
And I wish that I had a gun with a scope
Aiming at you the moment you smile
Knowing you did great from over a mile

A Principle

It’s not about pleasure nor about pain
It’s about a principle that I shall explain
I will not argue, I respect what you see
But someday a matured I hope you will be

Let’s face it here, we both failed in a way
Mine was deciding to act in your play
Not exciting enough your game was a joke
That is confirmed in everything you spoke

You can’t take a decision, just end it there
You don’t feel a thing, don’t let me stare
You act as if you want my close attention
But you fail to express your satisfaction

Like night and day you switch on a basis
Of the things you’ve done you keep no traces
Like having the ability to control memory
If it was true, you’ll be genius of the century

The principle of relations is very simple
Just be honest, and choose to stay single
Or Accept your partner and enjoy the ride
Either way you will have nothing to hide

This is the last thing I write in a while
Inspiration is absent without your smile
I can’t reject you, I hate nobody
It’s just your eyes that I wish to study

No More Desire

Like a hammer tinkering a tiny nail
A Voice in my head wondered about you
I couldn’t resist it, it always prevail
Forcing my hand, leaving me without you

That humble desire has lost its way
You decided to lose it and took off
It suffocated hard, urged you to stay
Yet you decided to play and called a bluff

My eyes despise your presence after all
And Your voice is like silence in a hall
Yes, I won’t fall for the lies anymore
Or melt to your beauty, cause I’ll ignore

It’s either you show me something real
Or I’ll make you go away and disappear
Maybe you’ll find someone’s heart to steal
Like you did with mine, my lovely dear

No more desire, my mind is fighting hard
To regain its powers, stop being retard
It may not be easy, I still have a memory
Those eyes of yours are keys to my agony

Let’s get over it, learn and move on
That stupid desire should be long gone
Maybe someday it will come back
To someone whose heart is not black

It’s Not A Game

One time it’s bright, another it’s dark
Like a flame lacking its initial spark
It’s either you’re stupid enough to ignore
Or simply lack experience from before

You know I like you yet you leave me suffer
I can really call it off but I’m eager to uncover
Reasons which prevent normal approach
Cause if it’s me, I’ll just be glad to discover

I’ve had it, eventually it has to stop here
I tried so hard, it seems you can’t hear
This isn’t a game you can get from a shop
If you remember I’m a gamer, I play nonstop

Well A game is a fantasy, you enjoy it
Yeah it’s not real but it gives you back
Pleasure, suspense while you explore it
Excitement and interest it doesn’t lack

Someone with interest is for you a player
Filling his role and you’re his slayer
It’s sad that you lack the sense of originality
Your whole beauty is thrown into vanity

“You wanna have a game”

I hope you find someone noob enough
To play your game, it’s not that rough
I think he will suit you just perfectly
He’s your toy and you re his mistakenly

I Am Never Wrong

Last time you didn’t know what to say
I am intelligent enough so it’s okay
I thought maybe I was wrong before
But old habits I should rapidly restore

I considered this an experiment to show
That being myself is always the best
That version of me you’ll never know
Cause no one could ever pass its test

Things I said before came from the heart
I made a mistake, I knew from the start
I’ve always been a master of my feelings
Yet you made me forget their true meanings

Dealing with them was never a choice
They had always an unheard voice
I decided this time to let them slip
You simply wasn’t their boarding ship

Honestly I’m really glad you crossed my path
I learned a lot beyond rules of my math
A new algorithm shall build my mind
Improvement of the one of all mankind

Because of you I wrote “The Red Effect”
And a cure to your charm I couldn’t detect
Yes I like you, it’s obvious I can’t deny it
But I have a will strong enough to defy it

Defying it doesn’t mean I’m not your friend
If you need one, next to you I’ll stand
You could make me laugh with a blink
Throwing me deep in a sea made of ink

The difference between you and me
Lies in the capability of dedication
Focus, look ahead and you will see
The future you ignore facing cancelation

I saw in you a person of its surrounding
Battling with choice, leaving decisions
Believe in yourself and stop this bleeding
You’ll become the cute girl with ambitions

I usually don’t care, I’m just being honest
To you my writings were obviously finest
I wish this one you could read it carefully
It’s truly an advice ! Not about my agony


Being The Coach

I can’t seem to understand the way you think
Even after so many hours crafted with ink
This little head of yours don’t want to realize
I am leaving soon, it is time for goodbyes

Oh you think it’s my fault that I’m always there
But I can’t just reject you cause I simply care
This little heart of yours suffered already
I just don’t want to be the one keeping it unsteady

I hate the moment I talk and you simply ignore
The fact that I point out and insist some more
There are things you can’t just put aside
Maybe one day you’ll have nowhere to hide

What I want from you is to consider taking a turn
Don’t worry about our friendship, it’s not gonna burn
You are simply afraid this changes its composition
But eventually this is the end of the road and you have to learn

“Since you know my honesty ill continue”

I can actually relate to that person who want you
Cause if I were him I’d think what a stupid girl you are
There’s actually someone here who loves you
And you are still stuck with someone aiming for a star

Yeah its really annoying that I have to say it
But I am smart enough to not let you waste your time
This is your chance to explore life beyond my orbit
And discover realities even better than mine

Don’t worry and I insist that you’ll always be my friend
No matter who gets your head and heart in the end
Please just accept the fact that it’s not gonna be the same
Anything without modification will always be lame

“And here it is”

I just want you to be happy, looking for a future, not sticking to the past
Cause only precious moments will live in your mind and truly last
This isn’t a goodbye, it’s just an honest approach
I am just doing my job here, like always being the coach

Taste Of Evolution

I can’t describe the reaction inside
As our breaths cross path to collide
Its funny my heart don’t feel a beat
But our simple touch warm it to heat

The touch of your lips just make me fly
In a direction to escape leading very high
This escape’s essential to keep me ready
In my quest to maintain a feeling steady

You’ll probably want to ask me “Oh do you feel?”
And I’ll simply gonna answer ” oh no my dear”
You missed the part in which I seek to heal
From the pain of being different from everything near

I hope you understand what pain I mean
It’s not like any regular, I’d say it’s clean
You almost create my bridge to normal life
Yet not as perfect as I imagined my future wife

I sometimes feel proud of what I made with you
It’s not completed yet but it’s something I look forward to
This relation you build between the two worlds I live in
Makes me wonder if I’ll ever have it again for the win

You’ll always be that lovely girl in my eyes
When I say you evolved, these are not lies
This evolution helped rediscover pure humanity
While keeping my soul far away from its vanity

There Was A Moment

Days & days past but you couldn’t see
Until the moment I ate from your tree
Drawn in my actions I melted beneath
All the reasonable lies from underneath

My inner soul carved I went all exposed
To draw a smile where sadness was imposed
You dropped all of this and ignored
The sacrifice I made and happiness restored

However Faith is all I need
Regaining my robotic feed
The feed I always relied on
Growing up with stable speed

Experience is what I gave you
Heartbeat is what you gave me
That moment when I could me near you
And you laughing up on me

Chosen Position

Poison is the language of your eyes
It’s something I can’t really despise
Defining the nature of your existence
With nothing capable of any resistance

Striking hard you know how to deal
With any soul forcing them to kneel
This character of yours poses a riddle
It isn’t black nor white, just in the middle

I look at you and I see complete chaos
Any form of balance you are ready to toss
I wonder how you accept it this way
Nothing is worth it, maybe a simple play

Taking all the suffer and locking it up
Will push internal damage high to the top
Its maybe time you think with clarity
Before you lose yourself to utter vanity

I dream of a day we can modify behavior
Following an easy scientific path
I’d spare you pain and be that savior
You dream of in a hole made of wrath


In the shadows and whispers we hear
Surrenders the light liberating fear
As stupid as it is we search to blame
Where everything around is all the same

Forget the causes, wake up and move on
Search for hope, a steady road to stay on
You’ll find the shining light you hoped for
Keeping faith and soul high from the floor

That fear you felt use it to your advantage
So Take the path to accept any challenge
Cause this is a point where you’ll manage
To break the barrier And flee the damage

This journey could be your resurrection
Build upon it and seek your perfection
Take this advice and stay in direction
“never get down or regret your action”

Nature’s Anger

Life, earth humans and species
Are all connected to one nature
No matter what the environment is
It’ll always remain the common feature

Winter is here expressing anger
Some say it’s the will of god
Poor people can feel hunger
Its the politics to which we nod

Sparkles in the sky define the light
That howling sound defines thunder
This is when we should get tight
Hand to hand refusing to sunder

Maybe it’s good to get washed away
Once in a while, or day after day
Kicking our darkness out of the way
Wearing the pleasure and inviting it to stay

I hear the wind from left to right
It doesn’t care against who to fight
This is where everything goes
In the ugly corners and darkest night

Humanity hides and is afraid to show
It’s true nature and fires the bow
Into the heart refusing to get higher again
From being iced and hopeless like the snow

Human Prison

Don’t expect anyone to compartmentalize
The way I do, cause you’ll probably realize
It’s very unique yet at the same time hard
Like trying to survive in a prison yard

It’s not something you feel, it’s in your head
A part of you is alive, the other is dead
This way you focus on the matter in hand
Without any disturbances you can’t stand

Don’t worry this will get you to your goals
You’ll feel like a striker who always scores
Making progress in every move he makes
Towards a trophy no matter what it takes


I can’t guarantee it’s positive all the way
Cause you’ll lose the human touch one day
And the only thing you’d wish to get back
Is a place in real life for you to get away


My experience proves that the hard path
Is always better after checking the math
Cause Being human isn’t the best way to live
Humanity nowadays stinks, it really needs a bath

Magical Blizzard

Temperatures decreasing, it’s a story of a wizard
My mind tells me to stay away from this blizzard
It’s magic I never encountered my whole life
Pulling me into a corner pointed with a knife

That eagerness of my heart makes me mad
I can’t silence it! Dam it! It’s blocking my head
A feeling of being excited is saved somewhere
Conspiring with this magic leading me nowhere

Nowhere? It’s a funny thing to say
Magic and a blizzard are inviting me to stay
Maybe I’ll travel into a new dimension
Erasing my memory, getting rid of this tension

This curiosity leaves me with no future to predict
I’m lost here, hopeless like a drug addict
But this time the drug is the look in your eyes
And the tone in your voice calling my soul to rise

A Memory From The Future

When I look in your eyes I can see a past
Where I once melted whenever we touch
I didn’t predict this memory would last
But nevertheless I liked it so much

I remember times holding your hand
Suffering from your silence that I can’t stand
I felt like an airplane forced to land
In a bumpy desert with nothing but sand

Yet all this misery just faded away
The moment you looked me in the eye
You simply succeeded day after day
When everyone else just failed to try

I can’t recall why everything felt apart
Since then I haven’t felt a thing in the heart
No one challenged me the way you did
Everyone made it easy from the start

To be honest, I am glad you’re still my friend
At least some things you can understand
You knew me well, during all these years
Do you need a thing ?
Just call my name, I am all ears

Talking To Myself

A door closes here, another opens there
Leading to a long road ending with a stair
All you have to do is make the decision
Take the path where no one would dare

It may sound easy, it may sound hard
Maybe it’s like shooting from a 1000 yard
You just have to aim for what you want
Cause after all “it” is what you’re gonna hunt

There will be bumps, surely consequences
But don’t get lost with bad influences
Accept the decent and prepare for a hit
Or simply work hard and gather your shit

Whatever happens you’ll always benefit
Learn from your mistakes and built upon it
A future with a solid base to hold it firm
Is way better than a life filled with squirm

This may be a speech to myself I have here
Cause my choice was to take a different path
A long road awaits me, tagged with fear
That I’ll fight for success with all my wrath

Bug Free

Like a cluster bond forming a system
Our friendship is in a synchronized state
Very efficient, better than an ecosystem
Built on respect far away from hate

We like re brothers nearly everything we share
Like a raid configuration installed with care
If one is down the other back him up
Creating a platform strong against malware

Like an if condition needing an object
We fill the blanks to reach the perfect
A crazy ambition boosts our memories
And a motivation growing out of theories

Put together, our processing power wins
All information is kept out of recycle bins
From a tiny idea, projects are created
New algorithms and services initiated

This combination is something I hold dear
Even if distances will never be as near
You’ll always be my bridge to happiness
Gaming till dawn filled with geekiness

A Horny Engineer

I dedicate this to someone I knew
Not for so many years, only a few
We met in a day when minds collided
creating a force stronger than glue

He’s in his thirties, he’s become a man
At that moment I saw how immature I am
I set a checkpoint and took his path
Building my future and following a plan

I admire the way he’s been my friend
He’s someone with whom you don’t pretend
I just enjoy the moments he speaks
Its always something useful to an end

This connection just works perfectly
Closing and Conquering our age distinctly
I really hope our friendship holds tight
Until we lose humanity and can’t fight

Being different is not an easy task
When there’s no one like him for you to ask
Meeting him that day helped me go free
Not being afraid and in need of no mask

I wish you the best in everything you do
I’m sure any day I’ll hear of a breakthrough
with your name carved in the center of it all
Cause then I’ll be sure that I can do it too

Rooted Bloods

Last time I had a different approach
But this time I want to light the torch
Expressing my mind about my dearest friend
Before I fly far away somewhere to land

While everything around forms variables
Susceptible to change and destructibles
He simply maintains a constant position
Carved into my life without any incision

During all these years, he’s been my friend
I can’t recall a moment, I wanted it to end
This friendship we have, its characterized by a heart
Pumping it with brother’s blood, right from the start

Its normal for brothers but we never had a fight
Even A special day we set, it’s called Friday night
It may be the thing I’ll miss the most
Spending it alone remembering it’s host

The times we spent will stay forever
In the future, they’ll become even better
Reminding me of someone as precious as you
It will remain my time machine whatever I do


Like immature feelings we can’t control
Its drifting away uncatchable at all
Defining a world and human boundaries
Time is only locked in stories and diaries

A secret, a mystery we can’t really explain
Carrying with it some joy and pain
You can’t predict it you can’t win a bet
But there’s always something to regret

They may believe it’s been set before
We have to follow it and say no more
I say decisions could make a difference
It’s ours to take, not a holy witness

There is lot to do but time is passing by
Don’t waste it cause there will be a goodbye
A goodbye in which nothing you will take
From the time you left here as a mistake


They say Jesus is born, I say he’s invented
Just to make your unsettled life oriented
They say there’s a god who created us all
This is maybe wrong, it’s not simple at all

A long road awaits us to uncover a reality
Behind our existence tagged with equality
This equality every believer insists on
And that freedom labeled with spirituality

I’m not attacking your belief, I’m just questioning it
Please point me to that equality, help me find it
I don’t want you to drop them, I just want you to see
That it all began with a simple story of an apple tree

Yes, as an adult you can make a decision
Remember it’s built on your childhood vision
Where is that freedom your creator gave you
You didn’t even ask for your circumcision

I respect your freedom, just don’t try to change me
I have no problem, just leave your god against me
One day one of us will reach the finish line
Maybe I’ll discover yours or you’ll see mine



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